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Free Handwriting Fonts

  • Beryl - a handwriting font
  • FG-pencil - to show how writing with a pencil looks as a font
  • FG-ballpoint - to show how writing with a ballpoint pen looks as a font
  • FG-roundtip - to show how writing with a thick felt-tip pen looks as a font

Free Fonts

Font Services

  • Handwriting Fonts convert your handwriting into a TrueType font
    Attention scrappers : want to type your scrapbook journaling instead of writing it out by hand?
    or are you going digital and want your journaling digital too?
    You can do that with a handwriting font - your handwriting on your computer!
  • Custom Fonts specify a design and commision a font to be created for you

Sample Handwriting Fonts

  • Note the different thicknesses of these sample fonts.
    Kara used a fine-point felt-tip pen.
    Jen used a ball-point pen.
    Beryl used a standard felt-tip pen.

    Most programs can make a font bold (thicker) when desired, but I don't know of any that make a font thinner. So err on the side of a thin line when writing your handwriting sample.